Take Away Menu

Tandoori-Indian clay oven

Murg Tandoori (D) Kr 220
Chicken on the bone marinated overnight in spices & yoghurt, grilled in Tandoor.
Served with makhni sauce.
Garlic Tikka (D) Kr 225
Chicken filet marinated in a mildly spiced garlic marinade, grilled in Tandoor.
Served with makhni sauce.
Shaslik (D) Kr 245
Boneless pieces of lamb, marinated in spicy yoghurt, grilled in Tandoor.
Served with a brown onion and tomato sauce.
Kalimirchi Jhinga (D) (S) Kr 245

King prawns marinated in yogurt, black pepper, fresh ginger and garlic.
Served with a goan seafood sauce.

Mixed Tandoori (D) Kr 269

A mix of  different Tandoori food
Items (chicken, lamb & fish) served with makhni sauce.



Murg Adraki Kr 215
Boneless chicken in a home style curry flavoured with fresh ginger.
Murg Tikka Lababdar (D) Kr 225
Boneless chicken in a creamy tomato sauce flavoured with fenugreek and fresh coriander.
Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken) (D) Kr 225
Tandoori chicken tikkas in a creamy tomato gravy.
Murgh Malai (D) (N) Kr 220
Boneless chicken simmered in a mild cashew nut sauce.
Railway Lamb Curry Kr 230
This dish flavoured with whole spices, comes from the days of ’British Raj’ toned down version of a fiery Bengali lamb curry, served in most railway refreshment rooms.
Saag lamb (D) Kr 230
Boneless lamb in a creamed spinach sauce.
Lamb Mussalam Kr 230
A delicious combination of lamb in a sauce with peppers & mushrooms.
Chaa Gosht (D) Kr 230
Himalayan delicacy of tender boneless pieces of lamb cooked in a churned yoghurt sauce.
Beef Ishtew -- Kerala Kr 230

A medium spicy specialty from southern Indian state of Kerela - morsels of beef slow cooked with root vegetables in a coconut sauce.

Vindaloo (can’t be made mild)  

Choice of one of the following meats cooked with home ground chillies & Goan spiced paste finished with a hint of vinegar & jaggery.

Chicken or Prawns Kr 220
Lamb or Beef Kr 230
Goan Seafood Curry (S) Kr 220
Black tiger prawns & fish cooked in coconut broth flavoured with coastal spices.
Meen Curry Kr 215
Fish curry from the southern Indian state of kerala. White fish cooked in a coconut sauce flavoured with fenugreek seeds & curry leaves.
Dum Biryani (N)  

Choice of meat seasoned with an aromatic spice blend and cooked alongside onions & basmati rice in a ‘Dum’ (sealed pot). Finished with yoghurt, caramelized onion, and fresh coriander. Served with a side of cucumber raita and salan.

Chicken Kr 225
Lamb Kr 235
Prawns Kr 225


Malai Kofta (D) (N) Kr 190
Cottage cheese and potatoes dumplings simmered in a creamy nutty sauce.
Pindi Channa Kr 185
Chickpeas braised in black tea with onion, tamarind, cumin, and mint.
Palak Paneer (D) Kr 190
Home made cottage cheese in creamed spinach & spices.
Bhindi - Do – Pyaza Kr 190

A comfort dish from North India - Fresh okra cooked with cumin and twice the amount of onion.

Masoor Ki Dal Kr 180

A Household delight - home-style cooked puy lentils.

Dal Bukhara Kr 185
A delicacy of slow cooked black lentils.
Subzi Ka Salan (M) (N - peanut) Kr 185

From the royal city of Hyderabad - a selection of vegetables cooked in a sesame seed and peanut sauce.

Subz Biryani (D) Kr 189
Mixed vegetables & paneer cooked with aromatic rice in a ‘Dum’ (sealed pot). Served with raita and salan on the side.

Naan Bread (G) (D)


*All main courses are served with complimentary steamed basmati rice.

Plain Naan Kr 30
Fresh bread baked in the Tandoor
Keema Naan Kr 55
Naan filled with spicy minced Lamb
Aloo Naan Kr 55
Naan filled with spiced Potatoes.
Peshawari Nan Kr 55
Nan filled with coconut and raisins.
Paneer Nan Kr 55
Nan filled with spiced cottage cheese.
Garlic Nan Kr 45
Raita Cucumber (D)
Kr 35
Kr 20
Kr 20

(G) - hvete (wheat) gluten
(D) - meieri (dairy)
(S) - skalldyr (shellfish)
(N) - cashewnøtt/peanøtt (cashew nut/peanut)
(M) - sennepsfrø (mustard seeds)